Our Services


With over 20 years of experience, our firm provides strategic legal advice and offers several trademark services below:

Our Trademark Service
  • Trademark applications and registration
  • Trademark clearance searches
  • Office action responses
  • Trademark oppositions
  • Trademark cancellation actions
  • Trademark assignments
  • Recordation of trademark assignment/merger/change of name/change of address
  • International trademark filings
  • and many more.


We provide a wide range of patent services to our clients, including:

Our Patent Service
  • Patent general advisory
  • Patent applications and registration
  • Patent searches:
    – Patentability search
    – Patent corresponding search
    – Patent infringement search
    – Document status search
    – Product/process specifications search
    – Freedom to operate search

  • Office action responses
  • Patent substantive examination request
  • Maintenance of a patent
  • Patent enforcement strategy

Industrial Design

We represent our clients in registering their design rights.


We also provide our clients with other IP services, such as, protection of trade secrets, layout design of integrated circuits and plant variety rights.

Commercial IP

Our commercial IP services extends to licensing, franchising, transfer of IP rights, IP due diligence, domain name protection, and regulatory advice.